Audio equivalent of doodles

  • Off By One


  • Slim Boi Fat


  • Sidewalk

    Play this when walking down the sidewalk.

  • Funky in 2018

    Felt funky and occured in 2018.

  • Mystery Theater Theme

    Send to local mystery theater to play in promos.

  • All Star (Smashmouth Cover)

    You are an all star and i don't care who knows

  • Obligatory Wonderwall Cover (Oasis)

    Nothing really to say about this. I don't even remember it happening.

  • Love the Way You Dust It, Girl

    (I like the way you dust)

  • Seven

    You will notice that this song is in 7.

  • Clockwork

    Lots of meaning buried in here.

  • Emptiness

    No meaning in here.

  • Lil Groove Thing

    A little groove thing

  • Groove

    A full groove

  • Chilrise

    Sunrise from a frozen moon

  • Loon

    One of the most metal birds there is.

  • Call Me Maybe (I Wanna Rock With You)

    (listen for my phone number)

  • Missa Bonnie Re (midi)

    I wrote this song in white mensural notation in college.

  • Out of Here


  • Scientist (Coldplay Cover)

    Coldplay is great.

  • Tag (midi)

    My favorite thing I've ever written.

  • The Christmas Song (choral arrangement)

    Performed by Bromatic Progression at Luther College.

  • What Would I Say?

    A collection of autogenerated text from a facebook crawler, back when that sort of thing was cool and not creepy.

  • Where I'm From

    Written in new york?